Monday, October 19, 2009

Three leaving Rutland PD

The Rutland Police Department will be losing two longtime officers and a detective. Parking Enforcement Officer Thomas LaFond, Sgt. Linda Elrick and Detective Cpl. Chris Kiefer-Cioffi will retire next month. Their departures leave Mayor Christopher Louras and Police Chief Anthony Bossi with a major project on their hands. Bossi, who left on an out of state business trip before Kiefer-Cioffi announced her retirement, could not be reached for comment. While it's unclear whether the detective position will be filled, Detective Ray LaMoria said there's no question that the department will lose a valuable member when Kiefer-Cioffi retires. She was the department's lead forensic investigator. Kiefer-Cioffi said she decided to retire early after 26 years for insurance reasons and because of the lack of advancement opportunities at the department.