Monday, February 4, 2013

WVTK Local & State News February 4, 2013

Police have arrested one of the suspects in the Rutland, Vermont home invasion that took place Saturday.  He is being arraigned this afternoon.  Police believe there may have been a total of 5 suspects, two of which were named.  One of the named suspects may have fled to a neighboring state.  Police say the 5 suspects broke into a home on Maple Street in Rutland with 3 people inside.  The suspects kicked open the door and threw in a canister of pepper spray.  Police say the robbers then attached the victims in the head.  They demanded drugs and money before leaving through the front door.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Rutland City Police Department.

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos is announcing paperless licensing.  According to a press release, paperless licensing is coming soon to 45 professions and occupations regulated within the Secretary of State's Office of Professional Regulation (OPR).  Condos says, "Making this change will increase efficiency, reduce costs, prevent fraud and protect the environment, without sacrificing public protection."   The press release says that the paperless licensing initiative begins immediately with the Office's largest license renewal of registered nurses whose licenses are set to expire March 31.

Police are investigating the theft of about $60,000 of gold, diamonds and other property during a burglary at a University Mall business in South Burlington.  The owner of Yin's Collectibles says the break-in was discovered when employees came to work Friday.  Police are investigating the burglary.

The controversial doctor-assisted suicide is moving on through the state Legislature.  Health and Welfare committee member unanimously approved it Friday, and it's now before the Senate Judiciary committee, where it's expected to be voted down.  The bill would allow patients with terminal illnesses and less than six months to live to be allowed to receive fatal doses of medications from their physicians.

A new poll shows the geographic divide over New York's new gun control law, with strong support in downstate urban and suburban areas and heavier opposition across the more rural upstate region.  The Siena College poll of 1,154 registered voters shows 65 percent support statewide for the more restrictive gun law.

New York state plans to open a stretch of land along the upper Hudson River this spring and fall.  The land was purchased in December for $12.4 million.  It includes a 10-mile track of the river flowing south from Newcomb. The river wanders through deep forests in nearly tranquil water interrupted by stretches of mild and moderate rapids.  The Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing a wilderness designation for the river and a swath of forest on both sides. It would allow two nearby parking areas for canoeists who want to leave the water.