Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WVTK Local & State News March 13, 2013

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is urging people to take down their bird feeders to avoid attracting hungry bears as they emerge from their winter dens.  The department recommends taking down the bird feeders and not feeding birds again until December 1.  Bears often eat seeds in the wild, so a birdfeeder full of seed is a great source of what a bear considers natural food.  The department also advises you not to leave pet food outside and washing down barbecues after using them.  Garbage containers also should be secured.

State Police in Bristol recovered a stolen car.  While on patrol, they saw the vehicle and ran a check of the registration which showed that it was a stolen vehicle.  They stopped the driver and it was confirmed to be the stolen vehicle in question.  Investigators say the driver, 35-year-old Shannon Gilmore-Manning or Ripton, was not involved in the theft of the vehicle and has been released with a citation to appear at the Addison County Court Criminal Division for possession of marijuana.

While states around the country are working on gun control legislation, it's unlikely that any legislation will be passed in Vermont this session.  That didn’t stop protesters from rallying at the State House today.  More than 50 people were at the rally, including former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin.  She was addressing gun control legislation in the Cedar Creek room at the State House.  Kunin acknowledges that gun legislation won't pass this year.  Instead, she urges gun owners to promote safe practices like gun locks.

A legislative committee has given its stamp of approval to higher gasoline taxes in Vermont.  The bill, which advanced out of committee earlier today, would add a 2 percent sales tax to the existing per gallon tax. The new tax would raise an estimated $26 million for the transportation fund.

A while back, Target was eyeing an area to build a store in Williston.  However, a company spokesperson says they have no plans to put a new store there.  The area that was being considered was on the old driving range at the corner of Williston Road and Maple Tree Place
Target says while the plans to build a Target in Williston fell through, they are always exploring new opportunities to expand and serve their guests.

Organizers have canceled the "Wings Over Vermont" air show, saying they couldn't continue with plans for the August event after studying the impact of automatic federal spending cuts that took effect this month.  The Vermont National Guard Foundation announced the cancellation of the show this morning.  The U.S. Air Force Demonstration Team, the Thunderbirds, were scheduled to headline the show.