Friday, April 12, 2013

WVTK Local & State News April 12, 2013

An armed robbery at the Smart Shop in Wallingford last month was staged by the store manager and her boyfriend to cover up an embezzlement of funds.  It was initially reported that the robber forced the pregnant store manager at knife point into the bathroom and then stole an undisclosed amount of money.  Investigators say the surveillance video showed a different storey.  Store Manager 32-year-old Kelly English had been embezzling from store deposits.  Police say English and her boyfriend 30-year-old William Shaw, planned the robbery to cover the missing money.  About $10,000 had been stolen.  English said she took the money to support a prescription drug addiction.

Charges against a former Rutland City attorney are pending, as a deadly hit-and-run case remains under investigation.  The case against Christopher Sullivan is being reviewed by both the Rutland County state's attorney's office and the Vermont attorney general's office.  Mary Jane Outslay died Wednesday night when she was struck as she was crossing a street in Rutland.  Sullivan has turned in the car he was driving that night to police, and more information about the case is expected to be released soon.

Shaw told police they used the money to support a prescription drug addiction. A woman has been charged in a fatal accident that happened in Bristol last November.  Police say 19-year-old Ashley Ann Nancollas of Bristol has been charged with gross negligent operation with death resulting.  Nancollas was driving on North Street in Bristol near the intersection of Park Place when she struck a pedestrian, 86-year-old Anne Roscoe, who was crossing the street.  Roscoe died as a result of her injuries.  Nancollas is due in court at the end of the month.

The Senate Finance Committee is not at all happy with the tax package they've been handed by the House.  Yesterday, they heard from a coalition of groups who are unhappy about the idea of removing the current sales tax exemption on vitamins and dietary supplements.  Although removing the exemption would raise about three-million dollars for the state, the Finance Committee agreed with the groups it would discourage the use of healthy food supplements and medicine.  House provisions extending sales taxes to bottled water, soda and candy are still under review.

The school budget passed Wednesday Night at the Mary Hogan Elementary School.  A group of around 20 Middlebury residents voted unanimously for the spending plan of over $6.4-million for next school year.  The meeting lasted about an hour. 

The Leicester School Budget passed on it’s second time around.  On Tuesday, voters in Leicester voted 68 to 61 in favor of the $1.1-million spending plan.  The new spending plan for the elementary school reflects just under $10,000 in cuts from the budget proposed on Town Meeting Day. 

On May 14, resident in Vergennes will go to the polls to vote for or against a $1.45-million bond for a new police station.  The new proposal is $400,000 less than the proposal that was shot-down on Town Meeting Day.  The project cost is now roughly $1.55 million.