Monday, July 15, 2013

WVTK Local & State News July 15, 2013

In an effort to reduce crashes and discourage impaired driving, Vermont State Police have launching Operation Sober Summer.  Just this past June, there were 26 deaths in 25 crashes on Vermont roadways.  In June of 2012, Vermont had 40 deaths in 35 crashes.  Based on this data, the campaign will have patrols in high-crash areas and increase enforcement of aggressive driving laws.

Those opposed to the proposal of basing F-35 fighter jets with the Vermont Air National Guard are asking for more time to collect public comment.  The time frame, which started May 31st is scheduled to end today.  May 31st was when the Pentagon released a revised environmental impact statement concerning basing the louder and faster jets at the guard’s base at Burlington International Airport.  Opponents say this is the only base being considered where so many residents are affected, and it’s not fair to cut off time for public comment.

Four people were arrest for drugs over the weekend.  A search warrant revealed 102 bags of heroin at a house in Clarendon late Sunday night.  Authorities arrested 22-year-old Demetrius Earle, 23-year-old Benjamin Earl of Clarendon, and 20-year-old Kristi Sawyer of Rutland, as well as an unnamed subject.  More than $1,200 in cash was also found at the residence.

Fire investigators said a fire that destroyed a home on Mead Road in West Rutand was accidental and mostly likely due to a failure with a power strip device.  Police said firefighters reported the fire Sunday afternoon and found heavy smoke and fire coming out from a front window.  Damage to the residence was extensive and will most likely result in a total loss.  Police said the homeowners were not home at the time of the fire. 

The Vermont Health Department has advised several people in the Rutland area to leave their homes within a week because of high pesticide levels used to treat bedbugs.  The state suspended the license of Cary Buck of AAA Accredited Pest Control in North Clarendon, who's accused of spraying homes with a kind of pesticide that’s been banned from indoor use since 2001.  So far, five homes have tested positive for the banned pesticide.  The Environmental Protection Agency says high levels of exposure can cause dizziness, nausea and confusion. Buck says he hasn't used the pesticide since it was banned for indoor use.

It’s a dirty business, but someone had to do it, and they had fun at the same time.  The 20th annual mud volleyball tournament over the weekend in Rutland was a huge success, and a big fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont. Thirty-two teams meant 350 mud volleyball players getting down and dirty Sunday.  The clean result, though, was ten-thousand dollars raised to help families affected by epilepsy.