Monday, January 6, 2014

WVTK Local & State News January 6, 2014

The National Weather Service says freezing conditions will return this afternoon.  They say falling temperatures will cause moisture on roads, sidewalks, and other surfaces to re-freeze shortly before and during the evening commute.  The Vermont Department of Public Safety is encouraging drivers to exercise extreme caution this afternoon and evening as roads are likely to become icy as temperatures drop, creating hazardous driving conditions.  Drive slow, leave sufficient distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you to allow for safe braking distances.  Also, remember that each snowplow is a mobile work zone; please give equipment operators plenty of room to complete their task of treating and clearing the roadway for a safer commute to you destination.   

The State of Vermont has received $2 million for cleanup of a contaminated gas station, the New Haven Maplefield - Mobil, located on Route 7 in New Haven.  The New Haven Mobil gas station was extensively contaminated as a result of releases of gasoline that were discovered during the 1990s.  Cleanup is still on-going today.  The funds will be applied to reimbursing the Petroleum Cleanup Fund for its prior expenditures and paying for future cleanup costs at the site.

The median income in Vermont is on the rise.  According to a Vermont Economy Newsletter, the median income of Vermont tax filers rose in 2012 to $70,573.  That was up by 0.8% from the previous year.  The study also found a 50/50 split of families that earn more or less then the median income. 

Vermont State Police say a woman died in a car crash in Starksboro yesterday.  It happened on Big Hollow Road.  Police say 23-year-old Stephanie Patsos of Starksboro went off the road and down an embankment.  She was not wearing a seatbelt and was partially thrown from the car.  Investigators say she died at the scene.  There is no word yet on what caused the crash.

Vermont legislative leaders are pushing for a bill which would overhaul public utility oversight.  The measure would require the Vermont Public Service Board, which oversees rates and service of public utilities, to 'give heightened consideration' to individual rate-payers and low-income individuals as well as small businesses at hearings.  Legislators and senior-citizen advocates say they heard numerous complaints after Green Mountain Power opted not to refund $21-million to CVPS rate-payers following the merger of the two companies.