Friday, April 11, 2014

WVTK Local & State News April 11, 2014

Police in Rutland arrested a School Street resident after allegedly finding 134 bags of heroin and smaller amounts of cocaine and marijuana in his apartment. Authorities were responding to a report of drug activity last night at 7:40 to 77 School Street. Upon arrival, investigators say they could smell burning marijuana. They asked the resident if they enter the apartment. Jerry Rogers refused and police then obtained a search warrant. Rogers was arrested and jailed on $150,000 bail. He is in Rutland criminal court today.

Remember the 2-year-old toddler that was hit by an SUV on Weybridge Street in Middlebury 2 weeks ago? There is some good news. Family members say Charlotte regained full consciousness for the first time this week. Charlotte McConnell suffered brain trauma and multiple broken bones when she ran out in front of the vehicle and was hit. She still needs extensive rehab and her parents hope to get her care at a specialized facility in Boston.

UVM is looking for volunteers to act as test subjects for a new West Nile virus vaccine. Last summer, two people in Vermont tested positive for the illness spread by infected mosquitoes. A vaccine developed by the National Institute of Health is showing promise, with the lab at the University of Vermont running trials on it. They're looking for 14 volunteers in the 50 to 65 age group. The vaccine has been tested before in 18 to 50 year-olds and done well, but the older group is the population at the greatest risk of the neurologic form of the disease. Anyone interested should contact the Vaccine Testing Center.

According to the Vermont Health Department, there have been four rabid animal cases reported in Chittenden County in the past 10 days. The animals, all raccoons, were trapped in Burlington and South Burlington and have tested positive for the disease. Officials say this is a good reminder to vaccinate your pets and not attract wild animals with food, compost, bird seed or exposed trash. The Health Department says there have been 11 cases of rabies so far this year among raccoons, skunks, and a bobcat in Clarendon. The public is urged to avoid contact with wild animals. Anyone who notices an animal acting strangely should contact the Vermont Rabies Hotline at 1-800-472-2437 (Mon - Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or (802)-223-8697.

Vermont’s spring trout fishing season kicks off this weekend. The season starts tomorrow for the fishing for brook, brown and rainbow trout. Anglers who want to get fishing sooner rather than later can still practice catch-and-release fishing on nine stream sections across the state. Vermont’s catch-and-release bass fishing season in lakes also starts tomorrow.