Thursday, May 2, 2013

WVTK Local & State News May 2, 2013

Former city attorney Christopher Sullivan pleaded innocent today to a pair of felony charges that could put him in jail for up to 30 years in the hit-and-run death of 71-year-old Jane Outslay.  53-year-old Sullivan stared straight ahead as his attorney entered innocent pleas on his behalf.  No bail was set, but an unsecured appearance bond of $10,000 was imposed by the Judge.  The judge also set conditions that prohibit Sullivan from consuming alcohol and a special condition was imposed for Sullivan to comply with alcohol tests that police will administer during random visits to his Rutland home.

Governor Cuomo announced today additional reform measures to strengthen New York's Shared Work program.  In the North Country, a press release says, 25 Shared Work plans were approved in 2012. A total of 295 workers participated, and the State Labor Department estimates that 75 jobs were saved.  The shared work program allows employers to reduce worker's hours and enable the worker to collect partial unemployment insurance benefits to make up for lost wages. Workers are still able to keep health insurance, retirement, vacation pay, and other benefits.

A former Hickok & Boardman Realty employee was arrested for embezzlement on Monday.  Police say 34-year-old Heidi Green of Shelburne, embezzled money from the company and from five different individuals who were seeking housing services from Hickok & Boardman.  Green is accused of embezzling more than $10,000.  Green was arraigned on Monday on 5 counts of embezzlement.  She was released on pre-trial conditions.  If convicted, Green faces 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $500.

Police have identified the child who was run over in a driveway in Georgia yesterday afternoon.  1 and ½ year old Dawson Mosher died at the hospital.  Investigators say the driver of the vehicle was the boy's grandmother, 59-year-old Dorene Mosher of Milton.  The incident happened in a private driveway off Goodrich Hill Road.  Police say the case is still under investigation.

The moose that has been on the loose in the South Burlington area was spotted again this morning in the Red Rocks Park.  Officials say the moose looks like a baby!  As for why the calf was without its mama, it turns out that young moose are usually on their own within the first year!

The Vermont Department of Health is joining Green Up Vermont to spread a simple message about how to prevent tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease.  On Saturday, May 4, over 15,000 volunteers across the state will be picking up trash.  More than 40,000 green garbage bags will be filled with the litter that volunteers find lodged along roadsides and in tall grass or brushy areas, which is right where the ticks live.  Be Tick Smart on Green Up Day, and follow three easy steps to keep yourself, children and pets safe.  #1. Wear long pants and tuck them into socks.  #2. Check yourself for ticks from head to toe.  #3. Remove ticks as soon as possible.