Friday, May 24, 2013

WVTK Local & State News May 24, 2013

Believe it or not, Vermont's economy is on the road to recovery.  Vermont economist and member of the New England Economic Partnership, Jeff Carr, says the state's recovery is only behind Massachusetts, which restored all of the jobs it lost.  While the construction sector is ranked one of the lowest for performance, the highest performance rates are in the trade, transportation, utilities and government sectors.  Carr says pre-recession employment rates should return in the next six to twelve months.

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin says state officials are adding up the damage from overnight flash flooding to determine if it meets the $1 million threshold that could bring federal disaster assistance.  Shumlin made the comments earlier today while surveying the damage along Route 15 and 117 in Essex.  There was also a number of roads closed in Underhill, Jericho, Johnson, and Cambridge

Salisbury residents will have an extra reason to honor their local veterans this Memorial Day thanks to a successful effort by the local historical society to install a monument on town-owned land off of Maple Street.  The society, led by Barry Whitney Jr., spent the last seven years raising money to create the first designated veterans’ park for honoring all local servicemen and women who’ve served during every major conflict dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Vermont is getting $6.3 million in federal Homeland Security grants to help the state develop prevention and preparedness programs to respond to acts of terrorism and other catastrophic events.  U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy said the grants will come from two Homeland Security programs.  A $3.4 million homeland security grant will help support the implementation of strategies to plan, organize, train and equip first-responder agencies who would be called upon in the event of an act of terrorism or other disasters.  A second grant of just under $3 million will help Vermont and local governments prepare for disasters and hazards.

With Rain in the forecast all weekend long, officials want to remind you about the potential dangers of flooded basements.  First, shut off power to all basement appliances.  Don't touch circuit breakers, fuses or operation switches while standing in water.  Fishing waders, rubber boots and rubber gloves will not protect you from electrical shock.  If any appliances or electrical equipment are wet, have an electrician inspect them before using them.  And do not turn the power back on until the basement is dry.