Monday, April 13, 2015

WVTK Local & State News April 13, 2015

With the warmer weather here, snowmobile season is coming to a close, in fact, officials are reminding the public that snowmobile season in the Green Mountain National Forest officially ends this Wednesday. Weather permitting, snowmobile use is allowed on designated trails within the GMNF for four months beginning on December 16. The GMNF and Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) work together to maintain 472 miles of national forest system trails that are part of the statewide snowmobile trail system.

Ferry Service between Charlotte and Essex is set to resume starting tomorrow. For much of the winter and spring, the southern ferry crossing on Lake Champlain has been closed due to the large amount ice. The ferry departs from the Vermont side each hour from 6 am to 8 pm and on the New York side from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm. More information on their schedules can be found at the website,

A new report says the Green Mountain State has the second worst economic outlook in nation. New York did even worse coming in dead last. According to the eighth annual Rich States, Poor States, Vermont is 49th out of 50 states on economic outlook due to the state’s ratings on 15 different variables, including tax rates, labor policies and overall regulatory burden. The Green Mountain State has ranked among “poor states” every year since the report first published in 2008.

A small plane that landed on a melting Lake Champlain this weekend may not be removed from the water until the end of the week. The two men aboard were practicing landing and taking off from the ice on Saturday. During a landing near Milton, the plane started to sink and couldn't take off again. The men weren't hurt and were able to walk to shore. Officials say the fuel tanks are sealed and not leaking and ice is prevented crews from getting the plane close enough to shore.

The Vermont Health Department is calling for public health volunteers. A press release says the program, On Call For Vermont, will help volunteers prepare and respond to community health threats, to gain clinical experience, and for professional development. For more information on how to join On Call for Vermont visit

According to a spokesman, Senator Bernie Sanders will make his decision to run for president by the end of the month. Sanders has been "testing the waters" on running for president over the past few months. If Sanders decides to run for president, he can do so without giving up his Senate seat.